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Our Profile


Our Company

Austway Migration and Education Centre is an experienced and knowledgeable company in the education industry. It has been successfully in business for more than 10 years. Since establishment in 2002, the company has been advising student clients to suitable education options. The company has a reputation for honest and accurate advice, strong integrity and efficient services. The head office of the company is conveniently located in Sydney CBD and it is close to major train and bus stations.

Our Commitment

Our company has been continuously committed to providing excellence in the Australian education consulting industry. We have also been committed to ensure our students consistently receive high quality service. Our mission is to provide quality student to reputable Australian institutions through dedication in long run. We have a long-term vision for our company to grow.

Our Strength

Excellent Service: we understand our customers’ concerns and we offer the best possible solutions to them. We support our students from the initial counselling, throughout their time studying in Australia until they achieve successful personal or academic outcomes.

Integrity and Honesty: we provide sufficient and accurate information to students in assisting their school and visa applications. We keep integrity in admission processes and deliver high quality application documents to Australian institutions.

Professionalism: all of our staff members are highly experienced and we undertake regular training to improve industry knowledge and customer service skills. We have a positive working attitude and we are always willing to help the students.

Our Range of Services

We are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of professional services including:

·           Information about Australian education system and Australian institutions;

·           Course and academic counselling services;

·           Institution application preparation and enrolment services;

·           Visa application and visa extension services;

·           Welfare arrangements and regular parent liaison;

·           Student accommodation and airport pick-up arrangements;

·           Pre-departure briefing;

·           After-arrival reception;

·           Overseas student health cover (OSHC) arrangements;

·           Ongoing communication and student support services;

·           Liaison with institutions and problem solving etc.


Our Professional Team

The company is proud to possess a team of professional and dedicated staff. Our staff members are highly trained the field of education. In particular, our company Director Mr Michael Xiao had been a university teacher for a long period of time. He has years of industry experience in teaching and dealing with students. He also actively participates in key industry organisations, including PIER-EATC (Qualified Education Agent Counsellor No: G193).

In addition, the staffs are known for their quality customer service. The staffs at Austway include of former teachers in universities and high schools, and former international students who can emphasize with the experience of their clients. Further, being passionate about the people and the education business means that the staffs at Austway always go an extra mile in helping the international students to adjust to new environment, as well as providing opportunities to mentor them outside the classroom. The combination of passion, empathy and care is some of the reasons why our clients continuously recommend and refer our services to others. In addition to exceptional customer service, the staffs’ experience brings about a vast amount of networks from oversea contacts which are advantageous for bringing in quality and enthusiastic students to study in Australia.

Moreover, most of our staff members are bilingual or trilingual, so they are able to use their language talents to communicate with and better support the students.


Our Reputation

Our company enjoys an excellent reputation among international students, as well as Australian institutions in Australia. In particular, we became one of the top education agencies of Study Group in 2010. We have an exceptionally high institution and visa application success rate every year. The established reputation of the company has enabled Austway to maintain a strong base of clientele from recommendation and referral.


Our Customer Satisfaction

We have received a large amount of positive feedbacks from our previous and existing customers. You will find that our students are highly happy with our support and follow-up services. In fact, more than 60% or our new students are referred by our previous or existing customers.

We also pay extra attention to our young students who are under 18 year old. We carefully provide welfare and home stay accommodation arrangement services for the young students. We have very frequent communication with their parents and guardians to ensure the student study and live in Australia safely and happily. Therefore, both the students and parents have high level of satisfaction.


Institutions We Represent

We represent a large amount of Australian institutions and their courses accurately. We closely work with Australian institutions and help with applications process in a timely manner. Our company’s high quality services are well recognised by our customers and educational institutions throughout Australia.


We currently represent over 50 educational institutions around Australia and our links with Government schools and public universities are rapidly expanding. Australian institutions that we represent include Study Group (Taylors College and Charles Sturt University etc.), UNSW Global, SIBT, the Scots School, Curtin University (Sydney), Holmes Institute, Victoria University, ISBT, Top Education Institute, Central Queensland University and many more. We are determined to provide wider range of choices so to best meet the students’ needs.


Our Contacts

Sydney Office:

Phone:  (+61 2) 9211 8766

Fax:  (+61 2) 9280 3739

Email:  Sydney@iAustway.com

Website:  www.iAustway.com

Address:  Suite 210, Kien Hay Centre, 431-439 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Postal Address:  PO Box K1284, Haymarket NSW 1240 Australia


Chengdu Office:

Phone:  (+86 28) 8665 5824

Fax:  (+86 28) 8665 3733

Email:  Chengdu@iAustway.com

Address:  Suite 48, 9F, Window of the World, 97 1st Section of Renmin South Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, PR China